Monday, 2 May 2016

Few but real.

Being a kid, she wanted a playmate. 
Everyday, she wished they could stay for a long time but she knows they still have to go. 

Growing up, she desired for some more, more friends to be with her. She even tried to impress them just for them to stay. Being with her friends became one of the happiest days of her childhood. She created good and bad memories with them, but the latter remained until the very moment. 

She made a wall so people won't hurt her, started to choose her friends from then on. Choosing is a struggle, trusting became a difficult thing to do. Avoiding people became a habit, hiding from them became a safe haven. 

Years have passed, she started to make friends again. She had one, and two, then a few more closest friends yet she never really had opened up about her life and chose to remain in her own shell. Time and again, she meets new friends, became the closest to her heart, a chosen family.

Getting older, she realizes it is important to have the real ones, it does not have to be a lot, y'know, just a few of them is more than enough.

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