Friday, 23 November 2012

The Hidden Paradise...

          It will take an hour jeepney ride from Legazpi City or 45 minutes ride with your private vehicle before you can reach this mini hidden paradise. I don't know exactly the name of this beach, but it's popularly known as the "White Beach", located between Barangay Cawayan and Malobago, Manito Albay. The beach sand is not as white and fine as what you imagine (like that of Boracay & Misibis Bay) but I know nature lovers would still appreciate the beauty of this mini wonder. You are going to walk before you can reach this one, you will walk down a cliff. Yes, as in, bangin! hehehe.. BTW, don't worry about the entrance fee, will cost you only 3 pesos. So cheap, isn't it? The sound of the waves and dancing bamboo trees will soothe your ears that will excite you to immediately see the beach as fast as you can.
          Sunday, November 11, 2012-- I woke up so early to pack my things for the "Beach Weekend" getaway. Brian my love is on 3 days vacation (incentive leave) so I'm so happy and excited that I will be going to spend the day with him. It was our first time to go to the beach since we really wanted to go there for so long. I expected a very sunny Sunday that time, so I brought my Nivea Sun (Sun Spray) to protect us from the heat of Mr. Sun, we don't wanna go home tanned, you know! HAHA. Luckily, it turned out to be a gloomy and rainy Sunday, when we reached the White Beach (as they call it), the rain poured so hard like the gloomy sky telling us, "you guys don't wanna get tanned, here's the rain and the shade, enjoy!" hahaha. Oh, by the way, we went there with my cousins, tita and her friends. Okay, so that kind of weather didn't stopped us from enjoying the sea waves, cool wind and the heavy rain.

Here are some of the photos of our BEACH WEEKEND GETAWAY!

Look how gloomy the weather was that time.
The place looks creepy right? :-P
My man's freezing, want some hugs? :)
AHAHAHA. Yes, it was literally cold that time. brrrr
They call this place, THE WHITE BEACH. 
I so love this photo, took just 10 seconds for this shot, thanks to SELF TIMER!
BTW, the sand is not so fine, with scattered, crushed sea shells in it,
so imagine how it feels like lying on it with that position, OUCH! but 'twas worth it. :)
KAMAYAN (eating with bare hands) portion! 
Bicol express, gulay na langka, adobo sa asin, bihon, rice and crabs for our LUNCH! Yummmmm.... :)
Mamajoan and friends. hehehe.. :D
Playing around the beach... "the tsamba stunt" :))
...that lead to this ONE! BRUISE...ouch! :)
FYI: I still have this bruise 'til now, almost two weeks already. tsk.
MOMENTS spent with him is BLISS... 

C'mon, look at the camera! :P
Thanks Pa for being so attentive.. hahaha..

Saying GOODBYE to the Beach! :)

Until we meet again, White Beach... :)


  1. hi sweet!ilan minuto lakad from main road?san kayo nagpark?nagbblog ka din pala. anyway thank sa pagfollow. :)

    1. mga less than 10 minutes abbey ang lalakarin pbaba, kahit 5 minutes nga kaya.. ok naman yung daanan pbaba dyan, semento naman tsaka may hawakan.. hehe.. uu, now lang ulit nkapag blog, stressed kase, kya naisipan mag blog ng kung anu ano.. hehe.. welcome abbey! ^_^ ganda ng blog mo.. lumilevel sa blog ni laureen uy ah, keep it up! hihi.. ;)

    2. Hi, the beach is owned by us and will soon develop so people can have a more enjoyable experience. Thank you so much for writing about it.


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