Thursday, 22 November 2012

Speak Arabic...

          I am actually fond of learning a new language but I am not really into it like taking it seriously, LOL. Since I love anime cartoons, I engaged myself to learning the Nihongo or the Japanese language back then. When the Taiwanese and South Korean invasion occurred, what else did I do? Of course, and again engaged myself learning Mandarin and Korean language. Hahaha! 'Twas quite easy to learn all of them because I love watching Asian series and movies so because of listening to it by repetition I learned few phrases from it. Aside from those foreign languages, we all know that English is by far the most essential language to learn, it is widely spoken and used. Because of that, some countries are already requiring foreign students or workers to pass an English proficiency test to know if they are able to write, read, comprehend or speak using this language. 
      Learning this by taking IELTS or TOEFL (both are English proficiency tests, but with different standards) and passing it means a greater opportunity of living or working in an English-speaking country without any difficulty in terms of communicating, a significant factor for our interpersonal skills. A year ago, I took IELTS under IDP - Australia (tested my listening, reading, writing and speaking skills) and made it with an overall band score of 7 but until now I haven't used it with any job application or any possible immigration to another country. Since, it is only valid for 2 years, I only got 1 year to use it or else I have to take the examination, again. As in! *ugh* 
          Now, I realized I took IELTS for nothing because I'm actually not needing it anymore, I'm referring to my IELTS Certification not the whole English thing because we really need to learn this language. Well, it is because I am not going to live or work in an English-speaking country but in an Arab country. Although, English is also widely spoken there, I also need to learn their own language, Arabic. I never imagined myself talking using the Arab tongue but I have to really deal with it. So when I found out that I'll be working abroad, specifically, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I searched lots of websites with Arabic tutorial and honestly, I'm liking it already. Me and my love went to Robinsons Manila and passed by a bookstore, and looked for an Arabic tutorial/manual/booklet with translations of course in English.

         We found this booklet, Speak Arabic by Saheb Oulyabek & Mohammad Saremi, published by Persian Gulf Publication. I find it very useful for it has a lot to offer, from learning the Arabic Alphabet, essential words, greetings and common expressions used in daily conversations. So now is the time for some Arabic lessons, I will definitely take it seriously without having any difficulties. Inshallah! :) 


  1. Nice post about IELTS Listening it is very important information for students

  2. Yes, really really important, btw, listening test for me is the easiest.. :) thanks for reading my blog! Have a nice day.. ;)


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