Saturday, 7 May 2016

Hello, Amy Zhang, I'm a fan!

So, I bought these two months ago using my brother's Globe Reward points. Yes! Like it's free, thanks men!

When my brother sent me those points, I wasn't really sure what to redeem in National Bookstore because few days before I got these, I already purchased a practice test book for my IELTS review. Okay, I'm taking the International English Language Testing System again, probably this year because the first one has already expired. I hope and pray that I will pass again or even get a higher band score than my previous exam. 

Going back, after thourough searching.... Hehehe!
I saw Amy Zhang's Falling into Place and This Is Where My World Ends. Such pretty covers right there, isn't it? But it's not just a pretty book cover, it has a story, a beautiful one, and you guys have to get your own copy. Haha! Anyhow, I loved how Zhang wrote it. There's this point when I have to stop for a while, close my eyes and imagine what just happened in the story... it was gloomy, miserable and tragic. But I fell in love with it. Deeply.

Hello, Amy Zhang! I'm your fan from the Philippines... :)

Amy Zhang was born in China, grew up in Wisconsin, and currently attends college in upstate New York.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Few but real.

Being a kid, she wanted a playmate. 
Everyday, she wished they could stay for a long time but she knows they still have to go. 

Growing up, she desired for some more, more friends to be with her. She even tried to impress them just for them to stay. Being with her friends became one of the happiest days of her childhood. She created good and bad memories with them, but the latter remained until the very moment. 

She made a wall so people won't hurt her, started to choose her friends from then on. Choosing is a struggle, trusting became a difficult thing to do. Avoiding people became a habit, hiding from them became a safe haven. 

Years have passed, she started to make friends again. She had one, and two, then a few more closest friends yet she never really had opened up about her life and chose to remain in her own shell. Time and again, she meets new friends, became the closest to her heart, a chosen family.

Getting older, she realizes it is important to have the real ones, it does not have to be a lot, y'know, just a few of them is more than enough.


"Help! Help me! I can't move!", as I shout for help.

I could hear my room mate on her bed, as it squeaks when she moves. I thought she will help me to get up from the nightmare I am in.


I tried to move my head, but I can't, then my feet. Great! I can move it now. Okay, one or few more moves to wake me up. I took a deep breath and pray. Alright, Sweet, stay calm, you can get through this.

I can feel my fleece blanket on my feet. Silence. I tried to open my eyes... slowly.

Darkness but some light from the window. Now I have the sight of it, then, I cried.

Thank God.

I am awake. I am alive.

Monday, 13 July 2015

I'm back!

It has been a year and 10 months since I posted something and I honestly feel like a stranger here now. LOL 

Anyway, lots of things happened and I really don't know where to start and what to write then. 

So, I left The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last March and I'm missing the people and the lifestyle I had there, but not all of them though. Haha! 

I'm not going to write down my journey there, but one thing is for sure I had roller coaster ride of emotions while working abroad. Met a lot of people, of different race and culture, some became so close to my heart, learned a foreign language (Arabic), faced a lot of difficulties, improved my interpersonal skills, learned to enjoy life despite the sadness of being away from my loved ones. 

Lots of experiences, good or bad, lots of things to be thankful for. Forever, I will cherish each and every memory the desert has given me. No regrets, will still consider of going back to the Kingdom. Someday, if God permits. 

Too late to say this, but 
Hello Philippines... I'm soooo back!!! 😁

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Appreciation. . . :)

So happy to see these few but special (at least for me,haha!) people from United States, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Canada who viewed my blog after sharing this on my Facebook account.




I'm really really thankful for visiting my BLOG. . . Some may not read it all but at least they take a few of their time for my page. AHAHAHA.. :) I'm excited to post a new blog, that would be very soon! Need some inspiration to start again. Hehehe.. Special mention to Mr. Brian Pejo Barrameda for pushing me to relive my blog again. Ipu-PUSH ko talaga 'toh! I have to eat my dinner first, it's 11.00 pm KSA time already . . . 'til my next post! :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Hidden Paradise...

          It will take an hour jeepney ride from Legazpi City or 45 minutes ride with your private vehicle before you can reach this mini hidden paradise. I don't know exactly the name of this beach, but it's popularly known as the "White Beach", located between Barangay Cawayan and Malobago, Manito Albay. The beach sand is not as white and fine as what you imagine (like that of Boracay & Misibis Bay) but I know nature lovers would still appreciate the beauty of this mini wonder. You are going to walk before you can reach this one, you will walk down a cliff. Yes, as in, bangin! hehehe.. BTW, don't worry about the entrance fee, will cost you only 3 pesos. So cheap, isn't it? The sound of the waves and dancing bamboo trees will soothe your ears that will excite you to immediately see the beach as fast as you can.
          Sunday, November 11, 2012-- I woke up so early to pack my things for the "Beach Weekend" getaway. Brian my love is on 3 days vacation (incentive leave) so I'm so happy and excited that I will be going to spend the day with him. It was our first time to go to the beach since we really wanted to go there for so long. I expected a very sunny Sunday that time, so I brought my Nivea Sun (Sun Spray) to protect us from the heat of Mr. Sun, we don't wanna go home tanned, you know! HAHA. Luckily, it turned out to be a gloomy and rainy Sunday, when we reached the White Beach (as they call it), the rain poured so hard like the gloomy sky telling us, "you guys don't wanna get tanned, here's the rain and the shade, enjoy!" hahaha. Oh, by the way, we went there with my cousins, tita and her friends. Okay, so that kind of weather didn't stopped us from enjoying the sea waves, cool wind and the heavy rain.

Here are some of the photos of our BEACH WEEKEND GETAWAY!

Look how gloomy the weather was that time.
The place looks creepy right? :-P
My man's freezing, want some hugs? :)
AHAHAHA. Yes, it was literally cold that time. brrrr
They call this place, THE WHITE BEACH. 
I so love this photo, took just 10 seconds for this shot, thanks to SELF TIMER!
BTW, the sand is not so fine, with scattered, crushed sea shells in it,
so imagine how it feels like lying on it with that position, OUCH! but 'twas worth it. :)
KAMAYAN (eating with bare hands) portion! 
Bicol express, gulay na langka, adobo sa asin, bihon, rice and crabs for our LUNCH! Yummmmm.... :)
Mamajoan and friends. hehehe.. :D
Playing around the beach... "the tsamba stunt" :))
...that lead to this ONE! BRUISE...ouch! :)
FYI: I still have this bruise 'til now, almost two weeks already. tsk.
MOMENTS spent with him is BLISS... 

C'mon, look at the camera! :P
Thanks Pa for being so attentive.. hahaha..

Saying GOODBYE to the Beach! :)

Until we meet again, White Beach... :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Speak Arabic...

          I am actually fond of learning a new language but I am not really into it like taking it seriously, LOL. Since I love anime cartoons, I engaged myself to learning the Nihongo or the Japanese language back then. When the Taiwanese and South Korean invasion occurred, what else did I do? Of course, and again engaged myself learning Mandarin and Korean language. Hahaha! 'Twas quite easy to learn all of them because I love watching Asian series and movies so because of listening to it by repetition I learned few phrases from it. Aside from those foreign languages, we all know that English is by far the most essential language to learn, it is widely spoken and used. Because of that, some countries are already requiring foreign students or workers to pass an English proficiency test to know if they are able to write, read, comprehend or speak using this language. 
      Learning this by taking IELTS or TOEFL (both are English proficiency tests, but with different standards) and passing it means a greater opportunity of living or working in an English-speaking country without any difficulty in terms of communicating, a significant factor for our interpersonal skills. A year ago, I took IELTS under IDP - Australia (tested my listening, reading, writing and speaking skills) and made it with an overall band score of 7 but until now I haven't used it with any job application or any possible immigration to another country. Since, it is only valid for 2 years, I only got 1 year to use it or else I have to take the examination, again. As in! *ugh* 
          Now, I realized I took IELTS for nothing because I'm actually not needing it anymore, I'm referring to my IELTS Certification not the whole English thing because we really need to learn this language. Well, it is because I am not going to live or work in an English-speaking country but in an Arab country. Although, English is also widely spoken there, I also need to learn their own language, Arabic. I never imagined myself talking using the Arab tongue but I have to really deal with it. So when I found out that I'll be working abroad, specifically, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I searched lots of websites with Arabic tutorial and honestly, I'm liking it already. Me and my love went to Robinsons Manila and passed by a bookstore, and looked for an Arabic tutorial/manual/booklet with translations of course in English.

         We found this booklet, Speak Arabic by Saheb Oulyabek & Mohammad Saremi, published by Persian Gulf Publication. I find it very useful for it has a lot to offer, from learning the Arabic Alphabet, essential words, greetings and common expressions used in daily conversations. So now is the time for some Arabic lessons, I will definitely take it seriously without having any difficulties. Inshallah! :)